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Web and MySQL Performance for PHP Developers

Database, memcache, MySQL, PHP, Xdebug, Profiling, Front-end Best Practices, and Web Performance in the Cloud

June 16th, 2009

Presented to Web Performance Meetup, June 16th, 2009

Web Performance for PHP Developers - Database, PHP, Xdebug and Front-end Best Practices, Web Performance and the "Cloud"

New York PHP Community Managing Member Hans Zaunere and Member Gennady Feldman will be presenting to the Web Performance Meetup on June 16th. Topic details are are available at the Web Performance meeting site.

We're going to talk about performance best practices for PHP developers.

PHP + DB, Hans Zaunere
All modern web sites require persistent data storage and manipulation. New York PHP Managing Member Hans Zaunere will review common bottlenecks and best practices for keeping PHP and the database speedy and reliable. Although we'll talk specifically on MySQL, we'll also learn how these concepts are relevant for any database and the roll memcached has in keeping your web sites flying.

PHP code profiling using XDebug, Gennady Feldman
Xdebug is a very powerful PHP extension that should be in the toolbox of any PHP developer. In this quick presentation we will do a quick introduction into some of the things Xdebug is capable of and what it can do for you. We'll cover a number of Xdebug features like remote debugging and code profiling. Forget those print and echo statements as your debugging aids. Gennady will share some tips and tricks (time permitting) of how to be a more efficient and productive PHP developer.

Front-end performance testing and optimizations, Sergey Chernyshev
PHP code is executed on the server, but site performance is usually affected by many other factors as well and many of them are related to front end of your applications. Sergey Chernyshev, organizer of New York Web Performance Meetup will talk about ways PHP web-developers can measure their web application performance and what they can optimize to get good results quickly. He'll show how to see your bottlenecks and how to use browser cache effectively and how this affects your PHP code.


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