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Saving Mongos and Scaling with MongoDB, PHP and Document-Oriented Databases

High Performance and Document and Key Value Databases with PHP and MongoDB

October 27th, 2009

We love Fall - especially since Summer is such a dud - because it's all about transition and this month we're looking at how web-supporting database systems are transitioning. We welcome Kristina Chodorow of MongoDB, and MongoDB PHP extension author, to review these new database trends, and give us her two mongos as to whether the hot days of the RDBMS are being replaced by the brisk days of the document database management system (DDBMS anyone?).

In the last couple of years, dozens of non-relational databases have appeared to solve problems that relational databases aren't good at. Kristina will briefly cover the different types databases available and what their benefits, drawbacks, and features are. Most of the talk will focus on creating fast, scalable PHP applications by using MongoDB, an easy-to-learn document-oriented database. She will use the MongoDB PHP driver to demonstrate how to write a Twitter-like application that scales with users, friending, and messaging. She will also demonstrate how to use the database as a file store by creating a Flickr-like application.

Kristina Chodorow is a software engineer at MongoDB. She wrote and maintains the MongoDB PHP driver.

Thank you to IBM for providing a great presentation space in Midtown Manhattan. As a service to our community, New York PHP Community meetings are always free and open to the public.


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