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The modx CMS and Framework

Rapid application development with flexible data models

September 28th, 2010

As the briskness of Fall settles in, we welcome back Jayesh Sheth to present an interesting framework, modx.

IMPORTANT: This month's meeting is not at IBM. Normal RSVP procedures still apply.

In PHP-land, there seem to be more content management systems than PHP programmers. Out of all of the CMSs out there, why would you choose modx?

In this presentation, Jay Sheth will show you why modx is a beautifully simple CMS that allows both designers and developers of all skill levels to quickly create dynamic websites.

You'll see that modx is different because it allows the data model to be customized using a web interface, and doesn't lock you in to a particular programming paradigm or mindset.

In less than half an hour, via practical, real-world examples, you'll see how, and why modx works. You'll get to know the difference between resources, templates, template variables, snippets, and chunks. You'll also learn how to use the modx manager web interface to administer your site, as well as use the modx API to leverage modx's internals in powerful ways. Finally, learn how to achieve high performance with modx by using modx's built-in caching support.

Jay Sheth has been working with PHP for the past eight years, and is passionate about building dynamic web applications. He currently works as a senior web developer at Complex Magazine, where he gets to work with modx every day. In his spare time, he loves to play the piano, or make a tasty veggie burger (or three) with hummus.

This month's meeting space is provided by the Hive at 55. In cooperation with NYPHP, they are offering a free trial of their affordable New York coworking office space, including office amenities and conference rooms, in an entrepreneurial environment. Email the Hive and tell them NYPHP sent you to get your free day.


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