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MongoDB and PHP Tales from ZendCon 2011

October 25th, 2011

We know that noSQL can seem supernatural. And we understand that flying to California for a conference may be para-normal. But have no fear - we're armed with the wooden spikes and garlic cloves needed to bring these monsters, under control.

This October, NYPHP superheroes Alan "Van" Seiden and Steve "Helsing" Francia fly in from ZendCon 2011, both possessed with the latest technology horror stories. So join the ZF and NYPHP legions, back at our IBM midtown sanctum, to storm the gates of hell and gorge on the latest - tales from the crypt.

And after the meeting, continue the discussion at TGIF 56th & Lexington with the NY Zend Meetup and NYPHP undead.

PHP and MongoDB
Join Steve for a quick introduction to MongoDB and PHP, including connecting to the database, performing CRUD operations, and a summary of the community tools and libraries available in PHP.

Tales from the ZendCon
Join Alan Seiden and other NYPHP members as they share the latest in the world of PHP. They're just back from ZendCon in Santa Clara and want to bring their knowledge back east. They'll include updates on the progress of Zend Framework 2.0 and other frameworks, trends in design patterns, corporate adoption of PHP, and anecdotes and impressions from the conference.

Alan Seiden is organizer of the New York Zend Meetup and expert consultant for PHP on IBM iSeries.

Steve Francia is Chief Evangelist at 10gen, makers of MongoDB.


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