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A DRY KISS of SOLID - not STUPID - PHP development.

May 22nd, 2012

FYI: OOP can be an important tool for development. But with so many design principles, it can lead to FUBAR'd code ASAP without the right TLC. Fortunately, NYPHP welcomes back development SEAL and VIP Anthony Ferrara to SOS us from these PITA acronyms and coding SNAFUs. This May, don't go MIA with some RPG; RSVP, bring your ID for IBM security, and then join us PM at TGIF's for some R&R and Q&A on how to avoid being SOL, with PHP.

When it comes to Object Oriented Programming, there is no shortage of guidelines and principles for how to properly design an OO system. There is also no shortage of acronyms to describe these principles: DRY, SRP, LSP, LoD, ISP, OCP, etc. However, there are two acronyms that really shine through to describe how to, and how not to do OOP well. The two acronyms are SOLID and STUPID (respectively). We'll discuss some of the underlying principles of Object Oriented Programming, and how we can learn from the principles identified by each of these two acronyms. Additionally, we'll explore some additional anti-patterns of Object Oriented Design and how they can be avoided. Finally, we'll talk about how all of this applies to our every day development tasks, and the real-world benefit these design principles provide...

Anthony Ferrara is a Senior Architect for NBC Universal, specializing in Object Oriented Design, Application Architecture and Highly Scalable Web Applications. He also has experience in Web Application Security and PHP Internals. He is a contributor to multiple Open Source projects, as well as the PHP community as a whole. He is also a former Core Team Member and Development Coordinator for the Joomla! project, as well as a former leader of its Security team. You can follow his blog at or on Twitter at @ircmaxell.


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