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It works for me - From WTFs to Vagrant!

Development servers with Vagrant and Puppet

August 5th, 2013

In the dead of summer, we're pleased to welcome Daniel Londero in from Italy to give us the low-down on agile development environment setup using Vagrant and Puppet.

In the past years I've been working on different kinds of development environments. From time to time there were improvements but there were always at least three big problems:

- long time set up
- difficult reproduction
- "It works for me" issues

Nowadays developers can rely on tools like Vagrant and Puppet to automate creation and provisioning of development environments using the same configuration of the production environment.

I'll talk about benefits of this approach for lone developers, teams and companies. I'll also show how it's easy start using Vagrant from download to up and running with a simple introduction to provisioning with Puppet.

By the end of the talk you'll learn how to help your team to never ever say again "It works for me".

Daniel Londero is a web application developer specialized in PHP (since 2005) and symfony framework (since 2007). Now in love with symfony2 and TDD working at Nelmio (, I do my best for the symfony community translating official documentation (to Italian) and trying to close bugs.

I'm a co-founder of PUG Friuli ( and member of the GrUSP (The Italian PHP User Group) board committee.


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