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PHP Conference in New York

PHPCon East 2003 has arrived!

April 24th, 2003

PHPCon East 2003 is finally here!

Starting today, PHPCon provides users with a great set of tutorials, conferences and networking opportunities from some of the foremost PHP contributors and developers worldwide.

No other conference in the US is placing PHP front and center as the language for solving web problems like PHPCon.

If you eat, sleep, and breathe web development -- if you have your hands in PHP everyday -- we have what you need:
  • A special focus on PHP at the enterprise level (case studies, large system maintenance, caching and optimization).
  • Best Practices from the leaders of the PHP Community like Rasmus Lerdorf, Sterling Hughes, Stig Bakken, and others.
  • Talks on new technologies and tools for getting the job done.
  • See and be seen at BoFs and WiPs.
  • You walk away from PHPCon with more than a bag full of fliers. You leave ready to go to work.
It's PHPCon's first trip to the East coast and we intend to make it a memorable one. Come join us.


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