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NYCwireless, NYPHP and Wireless Technology

June 24th, 2003

NYCwireless is a non-profit organization, with goals to promote open wireless hotspots in public spaces throughout the New York City metro area, provide a forum for wireless internet technology issues, and promote wireless application development. They've worked to assist in bringing over 150 nodes online and about 12 NYC parks in the past 2 years, with members at the forefront of the community wireless movement.

Join New York PHP this month as NYCwireless's Ben Serebin and Dana Spiegel introduce NYCw, talk about how people can get involved, and have Q&A for your wireless questions. Then Dana and Yury Gitman will premier two Special Interest Groups. The Applications SIG exists to discover and build new software for wireless networks, including mapping and communication software, while the Arts SIG showcases and encourages the development of Wireless Art (such as Node Runner), which use Wi-Fi technology to create and enable new media expressions.

Be sure to catch this great summer presentation, and learn how you can get involved with the countries' most exciting wireless group, NYCwireless.



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