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Community Site Showcase Part I

November 25th, 2003

Wouldn't it be interesting to see what your fellow PHP developers are working on?

At this month's General Meeting, we have four PHP driven sites from the NYPHP community. Each developer highlights the interesting points in development, challenges they've faced, and how they made it happen with PHP.

  • Investment Accounting
    Gert Hilhorst showed his new web based application for investment accounting and asset management. PHP, MySQL and JavaScript is combined with PDF and Excel to present lots of information on stocks, bonds, loans, deposits, options, futures, FRA and interest rate swaps. Settlement instructions, general ledger and compliance checks are included.

    Daniel Convissor shows how good architecture allows easy redeployment for years to come. Highlights include easily updateable dynamic navigation bar, plus both a calendar and photo gallery open to public submissions.

    Join Matthew Knight as he covers the tricks-of-the-trade for PHP eCommerce.
    • eCommerce & provides a stable and secure platform for E-commerce, and is easily integrated into any PHP application - just add cURL.

    • Real-time shipping quotes
      Using UPS & FedEx web services UPS and FedEx both provide excellent APIs for providing shipping quotes both domestically and internationally. We'll look at how next-day shipping quotes was integrated into the Jim's site.

    • Dynamic PDFs with PHP
      Fantastic open source libraries are available for generating and manipulating today's popular document formats. PDFs are no exception - we'll take a look how Jim's Gift Certificates are generated.

    • Live from the wharf: PHP, WAP, and Jim's
      In the bay or on the wharf, Jim's stays mobile with a wireless solution that provides powerful order and customer management from any WAP-enabled device.

  • offers advertiser sponsored business cards. Built from the ground up using PHP/MySQL/Apache, the site allows users to add custom information to their business cards. The data is then processed into a legacy format and passed to a third-party digital printer for fulfillment. The cards are entirely free to the end-user, even shipping/handling is free.

    Brian Pang merged public and private systems to deliver online business card creation, and how PHP's flexibilty allows data to be exported in legacy formats for offsite manipulation.

As always this meeting is free and open to the public.


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