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Introduction to Apache, MySQL and PHP with XAMPP at GNUbies

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March 10th, 2004

As a special presentation, New York PHP President Hans Zaunere introduces the powerful AMP (Apache, MySQL and PHP) Technology suite and XAMPP from Apache Friends to the GNUbies group.

Utililizing New York PHP's own PHundamental Best Practices article "From Zero to AMP with XAMPP," Hans shows how easy it to get the AMP suite installed and configured.


We are pleased to announce that at this month's Gnubies meeting, Hans Zaunere, President and Founder of New York PHP will be giving a basic introduction to AMP - that is an extremely popular combination of software used for web servers and includes the Apache web server, the MySQL database and, in this case, the PHP programming language used for web scripting.

When using GNU/Linux as the OS this is often referred to as LAMP. A basic explanation of each of these will be followed by a demonstration of a basic setup using the XAMPP installation package, and including compiling and configuration and then the writing of a simple web application.

As a freelance developer of GPS systems for the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and other government organizations, Hans employed Open Source tools to massage and analyze geophysical data in 1995. While working as a network and systems administrator for a startup ISP, he discovered PHP and quickly migrated all modeling and monitoring tools to the web with the aid of Apache and MySQL.

In 2001 Hans moved to Manhattan and took responsibility for critical medical data as a systems architect at New York University. Then in 2002, he established New York PHP and AMP Technology to develop and promote this key technology suite. Today he continues to wear systems architect and administration hats, providing business solutions through Open Source.


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