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Object-Oriented Programming in PHP 5 Through OOP Patterns

Advanced OOP Techniques with PHP Patterns

June 22nd, 2004

This June, join recognized author and developer George Schlossnagle and New York PHP at our new IBM location for an exclusive look at PHP 5 and the advanced Object Oriented Programming techniques it provides.

After the meeting, you're invited to join us for food, drinks and discussion at the midtown Outback - details below.

Object-Oriented Programming in PHP 5 Through Patterns

Anyone who's followed the development of PHP 5 is aware of the excitement around the new object model. But what is it, and what does it allow you to do? In this talk we'll examine the new OOP facilities in PHP5 by looking at a number of design patterns and understanding the features we need to support them.

George Schlossnagle is a contributor to the PHP project and an Apache module author who also has years of hands-on experience in building large-scale PHP sites and applications. He is the author of the APC compiler cache and the APD profiler (Zend engine extensions for PHP), a contributor to PHP, and is a regular speaker at leading open source conferences such as PHP-Con and ApacheCon. He now runs a consulting company specializing in scalable Web and email applications.

Join George to discuss the rapidly approaching PHP 5 and the exciting features available for OOP. IBM, our latest sponsor, has provided a great room with seating for plenty. Don't miss our kickoff event at IBM!

SAMS Publishing has been kind enough to provide us with books to raffle off. Come prepared with a business card to enter the drawing.

Lastly, New York PHP wishes to congratulate Daniel Kushner in his new position at Zend Technologies as Director of Training and Certification. He will be moving to California and this will be his last meeting. Daniel has added a great deal to New York PHP since the beginning and we will be sad to see him move. Daniel has also generously donated money for some food and drink after the meeting, so please, join us to wish him the best.


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