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Introducing PHP 5 - New York PHP Celebrates One Year

March 25th, 2003

Only a year has passed since New York PHP formed, putting us in a very exciting time for all things PHP. With the unwavering support of so many, NYPHP has become an icon of PHP development and community. Thank You.

There's no better way to celebrate than with a look at the future of PHP. PHP 5 is expected to be ready for prime-time by year's end, and with it will come a new level of Internet pragmatics and functionality. Sporting a copious set of new and enhanced features, including a distributed and revised extension system, PHP 5 employs the Zend Engine 2. With an evolutionary refinement of its Object Model, ZE2 will provide a robust and efficient framework for developing PHP applications, and the revolutionary prospect of native support and integration of Java, COM and .NET components.

Join us this March for New York PHP's free and open monthly meeting, as PHP core developer Sterling Hughes gives us an in-depth introduction to the future of PHP.


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