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Mambo and Joomla - PHP SEO Series Part II

PHP Content Management System CMS and LAMP SEO

February 22nd, 2005

February might be cold, but this meeting covers a very hot topic. Mambo core developer and New York PHP's Mitch Pirtle looks at one of the hottest topics, CMS, and one of it's hottest solutions, Mambo. Join us in midtown at IBM for an in-depth look at Mambo's power as a CMS and framework.

Mastering the Mambo: PHP Content Management for Everyone

Now that the holidays are over we can get back to work - and in this case, that means letting the award-winning Mambo do all of the work for you!

This session will demonstrate how simply and quickly one can get Mambo up and running, and then delve into the deeper mysteries of the CMS that promises 'power in simplicity'. Covering templates, components, modules and mambots, Mitch will then close the session answering questions from the NYPHP crowd.

Mambo was awarded Best Open Source Solution at Linux World this year and was awarded Best Free Software Project of the Year by The Linux Format magazine.

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PHP SEO Series, Part II
Website optimization, Search Engine Optimization and PHP

John Andrews continues the SEO/Website optimization series with a follow up discussion of Custom 404 exception handling applied in a customer-friendly and SEO-savvy manner.

During the first SEO presentation, John highlighted the need to smartly handle missing file errors, and emphasized the importance of serving up appropriate content instead of a generic error message. Based on feedback from the community, John will briefly review available Apache and PHP mechanisms for 404 exception handling, and present a didactic example of an SEO-savvy implementation co-developed with Stefan Antonowicz of Vespa Technologies.

John Andrews is an independent professional Website Optimizer with 9 years of experience planning and building goal-oriented websites using LAMP technologies. The SEO mini-series is intended to help prepare the PHP programmer, site designer, or webmaster for the kinds of challenges that can be expected should a site be considered for search engine optimization (SEO). The mini-series will introduce and address common problems and typical solutions implemented by professional optimizers.

Join New York PHP again this winter for a look at the ease and power of Mambo CMS, and the second part of leveraging PHP for a powerful SEO solution.

Thanks to Dan Krook and Platinum sponsor IBM for providing a great presentation space with seating for plenty.

As a service to our community, New York PHP meetings are always free and open to the public.



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