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September 26th, 2006

Fall is here and with it comes a look at another active PHP framework. With feedback from the PHP mailing list, core developer Nate Abele will be answering community questions at this September meeting. Join us as we chew on MVC concepts and learn the CakePHP framework.

CakePHP is an MVC framework based on the principles of convention over configuration and "Don't Repeat Yourself" (DRY).

Distributed under the MIT license, Cake is flexible not only in terms of IP but also deployment: being compatible with PHP 4.3.2 and higher, Cake runs out-of-the-box under most PHP installations/web servers, including Apache, LightTPD, and IIS.

Cake sports "pretty" URL's with or without mod_rewrite (or equivalent), and it's simple, array-based ActiveRecord enables easy implementation of complex database logic.

Nate Abele has been a core developer of the CakePHP project for almost a year and a half. He considers himself one of the few developers out there who actually has the patience to deal with clients... sometimes. When not coding, sleeping, or watching the Red Sox lose--again, Nate enjoys writing about himself in the third person, snowboarding, and... well... snowboarding.

Thanks to IBM for providing a great presentation space with seating for plenty.

As a service to our community, New York PHP Community meetings are always free and open to the public.



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