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Flexing PHP with Flex Builder 4 and the Zend Framework

RIA Development with PHP and the Zend Framework

July 28th, 2009

The dog days of summer may finally be here, but that isn't an excuse for dogging out on our continuing series on RIAs. This July we welcome back Kevin Hoyt from Adobe for a look at how you can flex your stuff with the new features in Adobe Flex Builder 4 and PHP.

Kevin will be showing off the new features in Adobe Flex Builder 4 for PHP developers, and how Flex can integrate easily with the Zend framework for building rich Internet applications quickly.

And join us at TGI Friday's at 56th and Lexington after the meeting for complimentary food and drink, thanks to Adobe.

Thank you to IBM for providing a great presentation space in Midtown Manhattan. As a service to our community, NY PHPUG meetings are always free and open to the public.



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