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Bootup #1 - NY-Tech Startup Community Event

Online Video Interviews, Computer Generated News Broadcast, Non-Profit Money Support, PHP News Aggregation

August 4th, 2009

The Bootup NY Startup Community puts startups in front of engineers and business professionals to create a forum for analysis, the technical pitch, and team building.

Infoery LLC.

This startup project will be an online platform with emphasis on a combined visual job posting/search platform and visual dictionary.


Alper Dilmen is a front end designer/developer and has a background in video production. This startup has emerged for personal needs and desire to make something like this available to the public.

Startup Maturity

Business plan is ready. How to profit and how to get investments is also planned out. Ideally, I am looking for two web developers to help me make this business a success.

Computer-generated news broadcast complete with robotic/anime talking heads transforming newspaper's electronic stories into spoken-word news presentations.


My background is in Film and Manufacturing, but always Marketing.

Startup Maturity

Pre-startup. (prototype) (blog) is a free service that helps people raise money for the nonprofits they care about by declaring and performing personal challenges. For example: "I will shave my head if $1,000 is raised for CARE International. The declaration spawns a challenge page that is easily promotable around the social web: Facebook, Twitter, email, blogs, your nonprofit's website, etc. By 'clustering' challenges together, BEEx can power the online fund raising solution for large events like a marathons or be utilized to create collective action campaigns.


BEEx is a radically transparent for profit company that creates fund raising tools for individuals and groups who want to raise money for nonprofit organizations. The company was founded at Northwestern University in 2007 by a group of friends who thought they could help make nonprofit fund raising more efficient by enabling individuals to raise money by mobilizing their social networks around action. This past winter we launched a prototype of our site at Northwestern University where we were able to raise over $20,000 in just a few months of limited operation. Users of our site experienced an over 40% increase in donations and won numerous campus fundraising awards.

Devin Balkind, Chief Executive Officer
Devin Balkind became addicted to entrepreneurship at age 8, selling high-end baseball cards on New York City streets. During college, he founded three internet businesses and worked for Platform Equity, a new media focused consultancy/private equity firm where Devin authored strategies for NPR and the Obama Campaign, among others. He also worked as an independent consultant specializing in creative online strategies for a wide range of clients, including an online education channel and a drug treatment service provider. Devin graduated from Northwestern University in 2008 with degrees in Radio/TV/Film and History.

Matt Cynamon, Chief Marketing Officer
Matthew Cynamon specializes in garnering support and developing enthusiasm over whatever happens to be on his plate that day. As a public speaker, Matt won three high school national debate championships. As a community organizer, he has successfully built outreach programs at start up firms Tula Foods and Iconic Development. As en executive board member of A&O productions, the largest student run Production Company in the country, Matt exercised his great skills of persuasion by increasing sponsorship sales by almost 150%. Matt graduated from Northwestern University in 2009 with a B.S. in Social Policy and Education.

Zach Kilgore, Chief Technical Officer
Zachary Kilgore has been building things for as long as he can remember. The desire to build first manifested with Legos, then to computers and finally to websites and internet platforms. While at Duke University, Zachary started two small companies with a fellow entrepreneur that provided services to the student body. After graduating in 2006 with degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, he moved to New York and worked as a web producer for Hearst Digital Media, building and deploying numerous websites and products. He is also an accomplished musician and the lead guitarist a rock band.

Startup Maturity company was formed 2 years ago, released a prototype last year and is preparing to launch a fully featured product in the fall of 2009. We're currently looking to raise our first round of non-founder capital so we can grow our technology team and aggressively market our product once it's launched.

IFPHP will be a news aggregator for php related news. The IFPHP website will make it easier for PHP developers to find the news they want about the language and make it easy for them to keep in the loop.


My name is Akeem Philbert and I am a Senior Developer at web agency called Rokkan. The team is currently comprised of Albert Rosa a PHP developer at Rokkan, Andy Prondak Senior Creative Technologist at Rokkan and John Gist Associate Creative Director at RoundArch.

Startup Maturity

The group has only recently started working on this project but we are moving quickly to have the project ready to use within the next couple weeks.


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