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The Future of CakePHP is Lithium

PHP 5.3, Frameworks and the CMS

January 26th, 2010

Wow - it's 2010. The future is here and appropriately we'll look to CakePHP lead cosmonaut Nate Abele to take us on an odyssey of both Cake and PHP. Join us this January as we mark NYPHP's ninth year and sit back while the monolith evolves your understanding of HAL CakePHP and the future of PHP frameworks - and we'll see you in 3001.

Now that the major PHP frameworks have reached sustained maturity, where do we go from here? With the long-awaited release of PHP 5.3, many are gearing up to take advantage of the available features with new major versions, which will change the way we create web applications. We'll take a sneak peak at the next major version of CakePHP to see what this evolution might look like, and how you can apply new techniques in your own projects.

Nate Abele is the lead developer of the CakePHP framework, an internationally ignored author and speaker, and has come to be known as the Johnny Cash of the PHP community. Having lived in the midwestern US and both coasts, Nate has currently taken up residence in the most desolate place on the planet: New Jersey. When not code-monkey'ing or yelling at people for "doin' it rong", Nate enjoys snowboarding, playing guitar, being a beach bum, and writing about himself in the third person.

This meeting also covers Lithium (blog).

Thank you to IBM for providing a great presentation space in Midtown Manhattan. As a service to our community, New York PHP Community meetings are always free and open to the public.


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