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PHP Case Study on IBM i: Moving to the web with PHP

February 23rd, 2010

This freezing February's meeting is brought to you by the letters i, P, and H. While iPHP may sound like the latest product from Apple, the famed IBM i can in fact join forces with PHP to deliver an alphabet soup of powerful solutions. Join long time New York PHP member, Zend Framework SIG manager, and resident polyglot Alan Seiden, as he tames these letters, and introduces us to this powerful letter salmagundi.

PHP Case Study on IBM i: Moving to the web with PHP

Alan Seiden will present a case study of how he took a IBM i-based green-screen order entry application and created a new PHP web interface that still runs 100% on the IBM i. He will include details of how he re-used most of the back-end RPG logic while adding new functionality that users love.

Alan will also provide an update on Zend Server, the new and improved version of PHP on the i.

Anyone who wants to learn about developing PHP-based web applications on the 'i' will benefit from this talk. Alan will show you how to get started and then how to build your skills.

Alan Seiden helps companies implement PHP and Zend Framework-based solutions, especially on IBM i. He is senior developer and consultant at Strategic Business Systems, Inc., a New Jersey-based partner of IBM and Zend.

Being an early adopter and advocate of PHP-based web applications on the IBM i, Alan was a charter member of IBM/COMMON's PHP Advisory Board and served as a consultant for the IBM manual PHP: Zend Core for i5/OS.

In 2009, Alan's work was honored with the IBM/COMMON Power Systems Innovation Award for "Best Web Application," for Allied Beverage Group's e-commerce site, developed with the team at Strategic Business Systems, using PHP and Zend Framework on IBM i.

He has spoken at Northeast System i User Groups, New York PHP, Chicago OMNI, and ZendCon, delivering what one participant called "an upbeat message about what we can accomplish."


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