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Bootup #4 - The NY Technology Startup Community

IT Expertise and Service in the Cloud, Mobile Coupon Hyper-Local Social Network, Mobile Inner-Circle Social Network, Personalized News Digest

November 19th, 2009

The Bootup Technology Start-up Investor Community puts startups in front of engineers and business professionals to create a forum for analysis, the technical pitch, and team building across disciplines.

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Our line-up:


SOFIns is an online platform that initializes and connects remote computers that may not otherwise be bootable due to software or hardware problems. Once initialized with an operating system known to be good, the computer is secured and connected to the SOFIns platform. The SOFIns platform then serves the following functions for the remote computer:
  • Web Interface, from which the computer's owner may run automated diagnostic and repair utilities, grant restricted and monitored login access to technical experts and deploy one or more software packages to be installed on the computer;
  • Access Gateway, serving as an intermediary between the technical expert and the remote computer, that applies "trust" by restricting the commands the expert may issue to the computer, documenting all commands issued, versioning all files changed and blocking access to confidential information such as passwords, user lists and account records;
  • Control Server, combining a set of parameterized commands created by an expert with the confidential information of a user and issuing the now-customized commands to the remote computer.

Applications for SOFIns include:
  • Automatic analysis of hardware, software and network problems using a simple "insert disk and apply power" approach for non-technical users;
  • Trusted intermediary service through which a technical expert accesses remote computers or servers and the user obtains full command-level documentation of the work performed and assurance that confidential information such as password and account records was not disclosed and only legitimate commands and software were used;
  • Marketplace for IT know-how where technical experts define procedures to install and integrate software applications and license these procedures to users who customize them with their own settings.


Jon Jaroker began work on SOFIns in May 2008 with the objective of creating a marketplace where technical experts can sell their skills by licensing their knowledge instead of delivering time-based services. He architected a platform where the role of "User" is separated from that of "Expert" and IT knowledge is productized.

He leads the team developing this platform using Struts2 in MVC framework, Spring and JPA technology stack and message-bus architecture.

Jon Jaroker Background:


The SOFIns venture is comprised of a distributed team of Java and C++ developers. Most of the development team has been working together on the venture for more than 1 year. We employ agile methodologies for product development using an epic-story breakdown approach and iterative development. Automated build and unit testing occur after each code commit, and the compiled code is deployed to one of six staging environments where automated functional testing occurs.

SOFIns Release 1 was deployed in September 2009 as a free online service. This is the initial platform that allows remote, crippled computers to be initialized, secured and connected to SOFIns. Access to these computers can then be shared between non-technical users and technical experts. Release 2 is in active development and will include automated analysis and diagnostic functionality. Commercialization of SOFIns in the malware removal and help desk markets has begun, and SOFIns is in discussions with channel partners.

SOFIns is recruiting senior technical and business management to join the founding team. makes it easy for you to get the best local deals in your neighborhood. We eliminate the currently tedious, time consuming, frustrating, and wasteful process consumers face when searching for discounts that are scattered among newspapers, magazines, websites, coupon books, and through direct mail.

Similarly, helps local retailers who currently spend $80+ billion across the local advertising marketplace to connect with their local customers via a number of channels including our website, email newsletter, RSS feed, Twitter account, and Facebook fan page.

Our primary benefits include:
  • Helping users find deals down the street that they wouldn't otherwise know about.
  • Helping people get more for their money in their neighborhoods.
  • Modernizing the coupon industry by utilizing the latest technologies and by being respectful of environmental concerns.


Landy Ung (CEO)
Wan His Yuan (CTO)
Matthew Moskowitz (PR Director)
Lorenzo Thione (BoA)
Article in USA Today

Startup Maturity is two years old and attracts approximately 800,000 unique visitors a month. Our growth rate remains steady at approximately 25 to 30% month over month. is the fastest growing coupon site in the United States, and we are launching nationally on December 1st.


Our mission is to be the premiere local mobile social network to enhance the relationships within your circle of influence. We want to increase interaction and communication with your favorite groups, businesses, or organizations, which we refer to as Circles. It could be described as a mix of Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and DailyCandy.

As a Circle member, you will be able to join Private Circles within your local area to receive relevant information or news updates according to their demographics and interests. But you also have the option to receive special news and deals from random Circles in your area. In addition, our location based-system smartphone apps will allow you to see other Circle members by "checking-in" at different Circle locations.

By creating a Circle, you will be able to interact with members through our online social network website and through our mobile marketing system to connect with specific members offline. For example, a bar will be able to send out an SMS message to 21-year old female Giants Football fans within 10 miles of their location; a salon can automatically set up reminders and discounts to customers for their regularly scheduled appointments.

Our marketing strategy implements a gaming style to take advantage of the addictive behaviors found on popular games on social networks, such as Farmville, and we are trying to bring it offline to the real world.


The idea for the Circle was started because Ricardo Zulueta was looking for a more effective way of interacting and communicating with fans for his clothing business. Then he realized that a lot of local groups and business can benefit from this kind of service. It has evolved to become a local mobile social network.

Primary website:
Mobile Marketing System:

Ricardo (Jack) Zulueta
Joan Pieros
Thomas Dalton, CPA

Startup Maturity

We have already written a complete business plan with financial forecasts. We are currently developing the integration of the social network and the mobile marketing system. We are just adding some additional search features and layout changes to the website.

Our next phase for development will be the smartphone application (iPhone and Droid) that will integrate the mobile, location-based features.


Typejack is a web-based service for consumers that delivers a digest (or a "typejack") of their favorite written content. Typejack offers the control and personalization of news as iPods do for music, Netflix does for DVDs and podcasts do for radio.

Typejack is like TiVO for the printed word.


Founded in 2008, Typejack is driven by a team of industry veterans, three working nights-and-weekends and one working full-time. The founding team possesses a deep knowledge of the domain, bringing with them nearly 30 years of combined experience in digital media and Internet software.

Typejack is available in the app store here (loads iTunes):

Beta Website:

Startup Maturity

Typejack is seed-funded and has reached its first major milestone: a beta website and iPhone app that is currently available for purchase in the Apple App store. Currently, we are developing our payment system to sell news via subscription through the iPhone platform.

We are seeking to augment our group with a technical team member who will participate at an equity level.


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