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BOF #2: PHP & MySQL - The Dynamic Duo for a Dynamic Web

Introduction to dynamic web pages with PHP and MySQL

April 12th, 2010

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Held in conjunction with the New York PHP User Community and lead by Managing Member Hans Zaunere, BOF #2: PHP and MySQL - A Dynamic Duo for a Dynamic Web will introduce the basic concepts of generating dynamic web pages, the two de-facto technologies used to do so, and some of the actual programming code that makes the web such a dynamic place.

Concepts Covered:
  • The Cast - HTTP, Apache, MySQL and PHP
  • HTTP - The request/response cycle and what it means to be stateless
  • Apache - Your interface to HTTP
  • The Request - Telling PHP what it should do
  • PHP - Programming PHP to do it
  • MySQL - Database interaction and information retrieval
  • The Response - Getting the browser what it needs

Recommended Prerequisites:
  • BOF #1: Fundamentals of the Web
    We'll be diving into the mechanics of dynamic web pages so understanding the basics is recommended.

Attendees will get a first-look at how dynamic web pages are created, the mechanics involved, and the code that makes it happen. From concepts to code, attendees will leave understanding the basics that apply to every PHP/MySQL application on the web today.

These are interactive events, and attendees are encouraged to ask relevant questions and utilize their own laptop during the session. Laptops, however, are not required.

Then stay for important networking and Q&A with Girls in Tech NYC and the Tech to Educate program.

BOFs are free and open to the public, however seats are limited - RSVP is required.

Special thanks to Hive at 55 for providing a great space with free wireless internet access.

Future BOFs will include specialized and advanced topics, and we are encouraging community leaders and subject matter experts to contact us to lead their own BOF.  » learn more


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