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BOF #1: Fundamentals of the Web

Introduction to the browsers, servers, protocols and computer code that makes the web work

April 5th, 2010

The Bootup Open Forum initiative provides the technical concepts and insights that are crucial for inventing opportunity and driving innovation. Through partnerships with the technical community, BOFs are lead by subject matter experts, and designed to deliver vital information in a succinct one-hour format.

Held in conjunction with the New York PHP User Community and lead by Managing Member Hans Zaunere, BOF #1: Fundamentals of the Web will introduce the need-to-know concepts of today's world wide web.

Concepts Covered:
  • The Cast and Key Concepts - Browsers, servers, protocols, and computer code
  • The Browser Side - HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • The Server Side - Web servers, hosting, and programming languages
  • HTTP - What actually happens when you view a web page?
  • The Database - Dynamic vs. static web pages
  • Case study of viewing a web page
  • What's Ajax and where does it fit?
  • Web Services - XML, RSS, APIs, and the programmable web

While many may be familiar with these concepts in general, a comprehensive understanding is vital for anyone involved in technology today. Attendees will leave with the foundation and latest vernacular that's required to work with and leverage anything on the web.

These are interactive events, and attendees are encouraged to ask relevant questions and utilize their own laptop during the session. Laptops, however, are not required.

BOFs are free and open to the public, however seats are limited - RSVP is required.

Special thanks to Hive at 55 for providing a great space with free wireless internet access.

As part of our ongoing partnership with Girls in Tech NYC, we are also pleased to be a part of the GiT Tech to Educate initiative starting April 6th, providing the technology education that matters most to women.

Future BOFs will include specialized and advanced topics, and we are encouraging community leaders and subject matter experts to contact us to lead their own BOF - learn more.


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