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June 22nd, 2010

Many doubted it would happen, but it's here. Summer is in full swing and with it comes the hot topic of Drupal. This June, join Forest Mars and the ever-optimistic NYPHP group as we look at Drupal internals, architecture and the PHP development practices that make it sultry enough even for our White House (and join our Drupal mailing list).

IMPORTANT: This month's meeting is not at IBM. Normal RSVP procedures still apply.

Join Forest Mars for a lively talk on the Drupal internals from the perspective of php coding practices. Since Drupal implements very few true OO classes (with methods, abstraction, etc.) the talk will cover how you actually write php for it. We will be examining the underlying architecture, using code examples to show how they implement the more abstract design patterns Drupal uses and going over the hook system, as well as performance tuning for Drupal.

Forest Mars is a Network Architect and Developer currently working on implementing Hypermedia using the Drupal platform. Coming from a background in Cybernetics and Information Theory, Forest Mars is known for his work as the Architect of New York's first WiFi Internet Service Provider and the "Two Rooms" of "New York's Only Free Internet Cafe" located in Manhattan's East Village. He also serves as a board member of the Community Free Software Group and Unigroup of New York.

This month's meeting space is provided by the Hive at 55. In cooperation with NYPHP, they are offering a free trial of their affordable New York coworking office space, including office amenities and conference rooms, in an entrepreneurial environment. Email the Hive and tell them NYPHP sent you to get your free day.


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