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PHP 5.3 Feature Review and Discussion

Namespaces, late static binding and closures

July 27th, 2010

What do you get when you mix namespaces, late static binding and closures? PHP 5.3 and NYPHP's July meeting, of course. Lithium co-founder Nate Abele and NYPHP Managing Member Hans Zaunere will start by giving an overview of these key concepts, followed by a review of how they're being utilized in the real-world, and finishing with an open Q&A discussion of these new hotter-than-July language features.

PHP 5.3 is considered by many to be a significant release. In addition to a slew of important bug fixes, fine-tuning of internals, and some much needed housekeeping, 5.3 introduced three key language features - namespaces, late static binding, and closures.

But many PHP developers may be asking - why? How do these fit into typical PHP development? What are real-world examples of usage?

In this session, Hans Zaunere will quickly introduce these language features, followed by a look at some real-world use-cases with Nate Abele. Then, we'll open up to a Q&A style discussion that continues the PHP namespaces, closures and late static binding thread on NYPHP-Talk, to give developers some ideas for how these new features can be used. This is an open style talk and your involvement both on the list and at the meeting is encouraged.

Nate Abele has been pushing the boundaries of desktop and web technologies for over 14 years. As the former lead developer of the most popular framework for the most popular web programming language (CakePHP), co-founder of the cutting-edge Lithium PHP framework, and former senior engineer at world-renowend software consultancy OmniTI, Nate has stayed at the forefront of the web, while working with, learning from, and teaching some of the best and brightest in the industry.

As a renaissance geek, Nate enjoys (in addition to coding), snowboarding, playing guitar, and writing about himself in the third person.

Hans Zaunere started New York PHP in 2001, and has been developing code and community ever since. He enjoys chess, astronomy, and writing two sentence biographies.


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