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Asset Management and Image Manipulation in PHP 5.3

Managing Javascript, CSS and Images in Object-Oriented PHP

March 1st, 2011

Join us for this special March doubleheader. In addition to our regular 4th Tuesday March meeting, which will be announced shortly, we're pleased to have Kris Wallsmith and Bulat Shakirzyanov walk us through their in-production techniques for better managing the ubiquitous web asset problem.

NOTE: This meeting is at Suspenders on March 1st - RSVP is still required.

Introducing Assetic: Asset Management for PHP 5.3
The performance of your application depends heavily on the number and size of assets on each page. Even your blazingly fast PHP 5.3 application can be bogged down by bloated Javascript and CSS files. This session will give you a basic introduction to PHP's new asset management framework, Assetic, and explore how you can integrate it in your projects for a pleasant, common sense developer experience.

Kris is a member of the core team of the Symfony Framework, Symfony Guru at OpenSky, and long-time advocate for simple solutions to complex problems. He works from his home office in Portland, Oregon where he and his wife raise their three young children.

Introducing Imagine: Image manipulation for PHP 5.3
Whenever I need to make image thumbnails, or some other simple manipulations, it becomes a huge pain as the low level PHP APIs for image manipulation are hard to work with and very diverse. In this talk I will explain how Imagine brings all of them together in a nice high-level OO API mostly inspired by Python's PIL and other image manipulation libraries.

Bulat Shakirzyanov is software alchemist at OpenSky, member of the Doctrine Project core team, holds a black belt in test-fu, Symfony2 fan and contributor, geek and talks about himself in third person.


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