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PHP in the Cloud with AWS and RightScale

Developing, managing and deploying LAMP in the cloud.

March 22nd, 2011

March is usually a pretty quiet month around NYC - well except for St. Patrick's Day. This month the luck o' the Irish comes to NYPHP as we look at the shenanigans of cloud computing and application development - from a developer's viewpoint. Join senior NYPHP leprechaun Max Gribov as he reveals the shams and shamrocks of AWS and RightScale and we follow he lucky charms through the clouds - to the pot o' gold at the end of the rainbow.

IMPORTANT: This meeting is not at IBM. Normal RSVP procedures still apply.

This talk will cover developing and managing Amazon Web Services and RightScale AWS Management Application from small startup perspective, and how to use AWS Services with RightScale AWS Management Application. In addition, the talk will focus on
RightScale tools, such as Server Templates, Auto-Scaling Arrays and RightScripts - and how these were used to build an infrastructure for load testing of our application. I will walk through all steps of setting up a new RightScale AWS deployment - from provisioning and customizing servers to deploying and monitoring the application - hopefully demystifying some buzz surrounding the cloud along the way.

Max Gribov has worked in technology since the first .com bubble, wearing all manner of hats, from helpdesk, to network engineer to PHP developer. Currently, he is a developer and operations engineer for a small below-the-radar startup which uses AWS to host the application and RightScale to provide management and support.

Max thinks all technology should just magically work at all times, but keeps getting burned by reality of complex systems, which keeps him entertained and gainfully employed.


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