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Zend Application Fabric for IBM PureSystems and SmartCloud Enterprise Clouds

Exclusive look at the IBM PHP Cloud and Zend Fabric

June 26th, 2012

Just when you thought that school's out for summer, there's one more lesson to be learned - and you won't want to skip this class. NYPHP pillar and IBMer Daniel Krook will school us on what IBM and Zend are doing with PHP in the cloud, including an exclusive inside look at DB2-as-a-service and the Zend PHP PAAS. Don't be held back; grab your dads and grads and join Mr. Krook this June for one more day of pencils, books and developer's dirty looks.

Zend and IBM recently announced solutions for running the Zend Application Fabric (powered by Zend Server) on IBM PureSystems for on-premise cloud deployment, and on IBM SmartCloud Enterprise for public cloud deployment. Daniel Krook from IBM will describe how to deploy a Zend PHP cluster on the IBM cloud, integrated with the IBM elastic load balancer and the DB2 Database-as-a-Service.

You will learn how to activate the Zend Application Fabric pattern, model your desired topology and set a scaling policy, monitor the running application infrastructure, dive into Zend platform configuration, view IBM elasticity and fault tolerance in action, and perform repeatable and reliable deployments using a topology template via the REST API.

Daniel Krook is an IBM/Open Group Master Certified IT Specialist based in the greater New York City area. He has over twelve years experience in web application development and currently builds a Cloud infrastructure for IBM using Java EE, DB2, REST, and mobile technologies. He holds certifications in cloud architecture, PHP, Java EE, BlackBerry, DB2, and Solaris. He writes PHP-related articles for IBM developerWorks and co-authored the IBM Redbook 'Developing PHP Applications for IBM Data Servers.' Daniel is active in the local technical community and has hosted monthly New York PHP user group meetings since 2004. You can follow him on Twitter via @danielkrook


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