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Best and Worst Practices of the Daily Scrum

Agile PHP development

August 28th, 2012

It's August and the heat of the summer is in full press, the aroma of superheated garbage fills the air, and the subways have become blast furnaces. Sound familiar? Then perhaps you've also been pressured in the Daily Scrum, an integral and often heated part of the Scrum agile development approach. So this August, join first time NYPHP speaker and long time agile expert Patricia Ju of Hackerbilt, to help us frost the fears of the daily standup and introduce the air conditioning techniques that you'll need for keeping your agile development process... in the shade.

Hear about some of the best and worst practices of the Daily Scrum - also known as a Daily Standup. This agile technique of using short, daily status meetings is practiced by 75% of companies doing software development, so we'd better try to get the most we can out of it. Patricia Ju will share firsthand experiences from bootstrapped startups to a 75 year-old not-for-profit consumer advocacy company. She'll also show you how the Scrumball, a mobile app and rugby ball enclosure, created by her company Hackerbilt, injects fun, focus, and effectiveness into the Daily Scrum.

Patricia Ju is CEO/CTO of Hackerbilt, a digital company that builds productivity tools that make work fun. She is an innovative Technical Leader, Architect, and Certified Scrum Master with 16+ years of experience developing high-transaction, high-subscriber websites and apps for Fortune 100 firms. She is Associate Director, New Media Technology at a major not-for-profit consumer advocacy company, and has managed mobile, platform, and eCommerce engineering for the 3.4M paid-subscriber site. Patricia is a mentor at The Founder Institute accelerator in NY, was CTO of The Belgrave Trust CEO of MassMind Co.


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