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Using HTML_QuickForm with Smarty

July 27th, 2004

This July, join New York PHP's own David Mintz at our new IBM location for an exciting followup to May's HTML_QuickForm by David Sklar. David M. will expand on May's meeting and take us through using HTML_QuickForm with the Smarty template engine.

Using HTML_QuickForm with Smarty

HTML_QuickForm is a PEAR package providing powerful and elegant functionality for building and validating HTML forms. Its default form renderer, however, is only adequate for the simplest of applications, and customizing its output, though possible, is awkward and tends to undermine the goal of separating logic from presentation. Smarty is a popular template engine noted for its flexibility and efficiency, and HTML_QuickForm supports integration with this and other template engines.

In this presentation we quickly review the use of both tools, and then examine some techniques for getting them to play nicely together.

David Mintz is a self-proclaimed wannabe geek who works as a Spanish-English staff interpreter for the federal court in downtown Manhattan.

Join David and the New York PHP crew and see how the powerful HTML_QuickForm and elegant Smarty engine can be combined for engineering the perfect frontend. IBM, our latest sponsor, has provided a great room with seating for plenty.

SAMS Publishing has been kind enough to provide us with books to raffle off. Come prepared with a business card to enter the drawing.



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