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MySQL Cluster - Creating Rich Applications (RIA) with Mozilla, XUL, and AMP Technology

August 24th, 2004

MySQL Cluster

Special guest Johan Andersson of the MySQL Cluster team will be kicking our meeting off with an overview of the new Cluster offering from MySQL. Johan will be speaking at exactly 6:30pm, so arrive early. Then join Johan, Jay and the New York PHP crew at PJ Clarks, our new post-meeting spot.

We wrap-up a great summer with an exciting presentation by New York PHP's own Jayesh Sheth. Join us this August at our IBM location to learn how Mozilla, XUL and AMP Technology can deliver fully functioning Internet-enabled desktop applications. This technology has huge potential by providing fully integrated client applications, powered by AMP Technology, in distributed environments.

Creating Rich Applications with Mozilla, XUL, and AMP Technology

Most PHP developers are used to creating HTML-based web applications that look and feel different from traditional desktop programs. But what if there were an easy way to bridge the gap between the look-and-feel of desktop programs and the remote delivery (and remote data storage) of AMP powered web applications?

The combination of the Mozilla browser's XML-based user-interface language, XUL, JavaScript on the client side, and Apache/MySQL/PHP on the server side, can successfully bridge the gap between desktop and web applications. By providing an immediate and responsive user interface that interacts with data stored on a remote server, Mozilla and XUL can deliver the user experience of desktop applications with the power of AMP Technology. The key bridge between the rich client (Mozilla) and the remote server (running Apache/MySQL/PHP) is a web services protocol called XML-RPC.

With a series of code examples, including that of an interactive fortune-cookie machine, Jay will explain how the client and server sides work, and how communication between them can be facilitated through the use of XML-RPC.

Join Jay and the New York PHP crew to see how this powerful suite of technologies can deliver rich web-based desktop applications. Platinum sponsor IBM has provided a great room with seating for plenty.

APress, our latest sponsor, has provided a great selection of books for meeting attendees. Come prepared with a business card to enter the raffle.

Post-Meeting: PJ Clarks, 915 3rd Avenue at 55th Street

Join us after the meeting for good food and discussion!



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