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Coding for Mobile Web Applications

Developing for SmartPhones and the iPhone

March 23rd, 2010

Spring is finally in the air, and with it comes the fresh topic of mobile web application development. We're pleased to have Trevor Seeney give us a breath of fresh air, for this increasingly hot topic.

In this session you will learn some tricks for maximizing use of a phone's screen space, changing page layout automatically to meet browser requirements, using presentation APIs such as Google Charts, and get guidelines on writing server-side functions specific to mobile computing. Although the supplied examples aim at iPhone web apps, the techniques can be applied to any smartphone web interface.

The session will showcase a demonstration iPhone Widget written in PHP, that is Debt Calculator and presents in graphical form, the payment terms and total payment amount of three differing debt resolution methods (demo online).

By mobilizing your apps, you'll let your users be effective from more locations, making them more responsive to changing business conditions.

Trevor Seeney is an experienced software developer and technology consultant. Trevor's recent experience has been focused on developing web-faced applications using PHP and RPG-ILE against MySQL and DB2 databases respectively. In recently developed applications, the AJAX technology has been deployed along with the more familiar HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

Trevor's current focus is rendering enterprise data and metrics onto smartphones with a particular emphasis on the iPhone.


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